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Training, Facilitation And Engagement

Training, Facilitation and Engagement

• Meeting and workshop facilitation • Development of consultation plans • Training programs in: • Wildlife management • Plant identification • Geomorphologic assessments and characterization • Natural heritage policy and planning in Ontario • Guest lectures on various topics related to ecology, geomorphology and natural heritage
Beacon Environmental Services - Peer Review

Peer Review, Expert Advice and Litigation Support

• Peer review of natural heritage reports / studies • Review of habitat / species information in the scientific / technical literature • Strategic advice • Litigation support • Expert witness testimony
Habitat Management And Ecological Monitoring

Habitat Management and Ecological Monitoring

• Management plans for woodlands, wetlands and meadows • Monitoring plans for woodlands, wetlands and meadows • Management and monitoring for specialized habitats • Alvars, talus slopes, cliffs • Bogs and fens • Tallgrass prairies and savannas • Invasive species management plans
Beacon Environmental Services Geomorphological Characterization

Geomorphic Assessments and Sediment Transport Modelling

• Geomorphological inventories and Characterization studies • Geomorphic Systems Master Implementation Plans • Sediment transport modelling • Erosion threshold exceedance modelling and analysis • Scour potential modelling and analysis • Geomorphological and Sediment transport monitoring • Watershed-scale sediment routing (budget) analysis
Beacon Environmental Services - Fluvial And Coastal Hazard Assessment

Fluvial Hazard Assessment

• Channel stability assessments • Stream erosion and migration analysis • Meander belt width and Redside Dace habitat delineation • Toe erosion allowance recommendations • Infrastructure risk assessments • Geomorphic Systems Master Implementation Plans • Scour analysis and depth-of-cover recommendations • Shoreline recession rate analysis
Environmental Monitoring And Site Supervision

Environmental Monitoring and Site Supervision

• Effectiveness and compliance monitoring • Water quality • Aquatic habitats and species • Terrestrial habitats and species • Species at Risk • Site supervision of mitigation and compensation works • Erosion and sediment control monitoring • Channel restoration monitoring • Long-term ecological monitoring for aquatic and terrestrial habitats • Approved plant and wildlife salvage warranty inspection • Approved fish, reptile and amphibian salvage
Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment

• Environmental Impact Studies/Assessments (EIS / EIA) in response to municipal, provincial and federal planning requirements • Due diligence natural heritage assessments • Natural Heritage Evaluations within the Greenbelt / Oak Ridges Moraine / Lake Simcoe Protection Plan / Niagara Escarpment Plan areas • Natural Heritage Assessments under the Renewable Energy Act • Natural Heritage Impact Studies • Mitigation and / or compensation plans for aquatic / terrestrial habitats
Environmental Assessment (EA)

Environmental Assessment

• Municipal Class EA • Provincial EA (Class and Individual) • Federal Canadian Environmental Assessment Act Comprehensive Studies • Federal CEAA Screenings
Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration

• Habitat enhancement, creation and restoration • Channel, shoreline and coastal habitats • Woodlands, meadows and riparian areas • Wetland compensation – creation and enhancements • Natural channel design and fish barrier mitigation • Stormwater management pond naturalization • Design of in-stream bio-engineering and wildlife habitat structures • Natural heritage aspects of Low Impact Development (LID) design • Regulatory permitting, contract administration and construction oversight
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