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Terrestrial Inventory
Terrestrial Inventory

Beacon Environmental is an employee owned company with offices across Ontario. The firm was founded in response to a growing need for high quality environmental assessment, strategic advice and planning services. Since its inception in 2005, Beacon has evolved into a multi-disciplinary firm providing environmental planning, assessment, design and monitoring for a wide-range of public and private sector projects. Beacon’s team includes professionals with expertise in terrestrial and aquatic ecology, geomorphology, landscape architecture, agrology and limnology.

Beacon believes that guiding solutions in the natural environment requires the following:


A thorough understanding of applicable policies and legislation.


Solid and accurate knowledge of existing conditions.

Multi-disciplinary Teams

Integration of data with related disciplines to fully understand functional relationships.


A respectful, balanced approach that considers all points of view.

Beacon continues to build its reputation by providing technical excellence, strategic thinking and value-added services with a strongly client-oriented approach. The firm’s focus has been in southern and central Ontario, with projects extending across Canada and internationally.

Beacon’s strength lies in the combination of technical knowledge, applied experience and creative problem solving that our team brings to every project. Beacon’s continued success lies in our ability to respond to the unique needs of each project, and to find practical and innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges.

Each year Beacon Environmental donates a percentage of its pre-tax profit to causes selected by staff. Past recipients of donations have included:

Beacon Environmental - Website Donor Tree - 2020
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