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Ecological Restoration
Ecological Restoration
Ecological Restoration
Ecological Restoration
Ecological Restoration
Ecological Restoration


Ecological systems are dynamic, from the physical driving and resisting forces in watercourses, to the biological processes that extend to riparian, wetland, meadow and woodland habitats. Developing effective restoration solutions for these ecosystem components requires a thorough understanding of the physical and biological processes that generate these landscapes, and an ability to translate this knowledge into innovative practical designs.

Beacon’s qualified professionals apply their expertise in the development of habitat creation, restoration and enhancement to design self-sustaining ecosystems including creek corridors, shorelines, wetlands, and woodlands.

Beacon provides project management services from the initial assessment (including scoping opportunities and constraints) through to conceptual and detailed design, regulatory permitting (including permits to take water), tendering and contract administration support, construction supervision and post-construction monitoring.


  • Habitat enhancement, creation and restoration
    • Channel, shoreline and coastal habitats
    • Woodlands, meadows and riparian areas
    • Wetland compensation – creation and enhancements
  • Natural channel design and fish barrier mitigation
  • Stormwater management facility naturalization
  • Design of in-stream bio-engineering and wildlife habitat structures
  • Natural heritage aspects of low impact development design
  • Approved plant and wildlife salvage
  • Regulatory permitting, contract administration, dewatering and construction oversight
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