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Beacon Environmental Services - Landscape Architecture - Naturalization
Beacon Environmental Services - Landscape Architecture - Naturalization
Beacon Environmental Services - Landscape Architecture - Wetland Cross Section
Beacon Environmental Services - Landscape Architecture - Plan


The integration of green spaces in urban environments is increasingly recognized as a cornerstone of community sustainability and resilience. Beacon’s Landscape Designers have specialized expertise in the creation, restoration and integration of natural elements in urban and urbanizing areas including streetscapes, park and open space designs, living fences, buffers, naturalized for stormwater management areas and low impact development features, wetlands, woodlands and meadows. They are also able to design hardscape elements (such as entry features and retaining walls) and develop effective approaches for the integration of green infrastructure such as trees and shrubs in built-up areas.

Beacon’s Landscape Architecture team collaborates with Ecologists, Botanists, Arborists at Beacon as well as Engineers, Planners, Architects and other professionals to create design solutions that meet client needs while also protecting and enhancing the natural environment with a diversity of species, habitat types and natural features.

Beacon is also qualified under the Ministry of Transportation Registry, Appraisal and Qualification System (RAQs) under the specialty of landscape architecture.

Beacon regularly applies its expertise to contribute to the design of sustainable communities and green infrastructure solutions. Typical projects include tree inventory and preservation plans, canopy cover assessments, buffer planting plans, trail designs, wetland creation and mitigation, and habitat compensation plans.


  • Conceptual and detailed designs
  • Habitat enhancement, creation and restoration
  • Designs and specifications for wildlife habitat structures
  • Bio-engineering designs
  • Planting plans for habitat edge management, buffers, streetscapes, stormwater management facilities and low impact development features
  • Landscape designs for entry features, trail networks, parks and open spaces
  • Contract administration and construction oversight
  • Qualified on the Ministry of Transportation RAQs for landscape architecture
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