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Sector - Transportation

Beacon provides environmental services in support of the development and improvement of transit hubs, transit lines, roads, bridges and related infrastructure. Beacon is well-versed in the applicable environmental legislation, policies and procedures in Ontario and regularly works with clients such as the Ministry of Transportation, Regional and area municipalities to assist with the planning for and implementation of transportation infrastructure.

Beacon’s multi-disciplinary team includes professionals with expertise in terrestrial and aquatic ecology, geomorphology, landscape architecture, agrology and limnology.

Key strengths

  • A solid understanding of the Provincial and Federal Environmental Assessment process and other relevant environmental legislation and policies
  • The ability to provide the technical support to address site-specific challenges related to the natural environment
  • Expertise in comprehensive impact assessment
  • Provision of concepts and detailed designs for habitat protection as well as habitat off-setting and compensation
  • Special expertise in the creation and restoration of wetlands, watercourses using natural channel design principles, meadows and woodlands
  • Experience engaging and undertaking environmental work with Indigenous communities
  • Facilitating consultations with agencies, stakeholders and the public
  • Undertaking environmental site supervision and monitoring programs
  • Facilitating the environmental approvals process

Qualified on the Ministry of Transportation Registry, Appraisal and Qualification System (RAQs) for the following specialties:

  • Class environmental assessment process
  • Natural sciences
  • Fisheries assessment
  • Landscape architecture
  • Socio-economics / agriculture
  • Environmental inspections during construction
  • Construction monitoring and fisheries compliance during construction
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