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Agricultural Impact Assessment
Agricultural Impact Assessment
Agricultural Impact Assessment
Agricultural Impact Assessment
Agricultural Impact Assessment


Farmland in Ontario, and particularly in southern Ontario, is recognized as a finite and valuable resource that – like the remaining natural heritage areas – is under increasing development-related pressures. As a result, agricultural impact assessments are now required under most provincial land use plans.

Beacon’s Senior Agrologist and Ecologists have the expertise to undertake agricultural soils assessments, evaluate agricultural resource capability, identify potential land use conflicts and recommend appropriate strategies for agricultural lands in urbanizing contexts. These assessments include strategies to achieve compatibility between agricultural and non-agricultural uses.

Beacon is also qualified under the Ministry of Transportation Registry, Appraisal and Qualification System (RAQs) under the specialty of agriculture.

Beacon has undertaken analyses of agricultural lands for various sites and study areas, including land evaluation studies to assess feed-in tariff program eligibility. Studies have ranged from addressing the requirements for official plan compliance and draft plan of subdivision approvals to tax assessment appeals.


  • Agricultural impact assessments
  • Agricultural policy reviews
  • Agricultural resource capability assessments
  • Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) calculations
  • Physiographic and soils assessments
  • Qualified on the Ministry of Transportation RAQs for Socio-economics / Agriculture
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