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Sector - Recreation Conservation

Beacon provides environmental planning, assessment, design and construction supervision for public and private sector projects related to the natural environment aspects of recreation and conservation projects. Beacon’s Ecologists, Arborists, Geomorphologists, and Landscape Architects  and Designers work together to address project challenges and opportunities related to the development and use of parks, natural areas and open spaces.

Projects often involve working with the local planning authority and the community to identify approaches and measures that are consistent with the applicable policy framework, protect sensitive environmental features, and accommodate required uses while incorporating innovative measures and design elements that support and enhance the natural environment.

Services provided

  • Undertaking planning and environmental assessment in support of public park development or redevelopment
  • Creating concepts, detailed designs and other graphical representations (such as cross-sections and visualizations) for parks and trails
  • Provision of concepts and detailed designs for habitat protection, creation and compensation (including watercourses using natural channel design principles)
  • Development of habitat management plans for publicly and privately-owned natural areas (including invasive species management)
  • Arboriculture assessments including Tree Inventories and Preservation Plans
  • Assessment of groundwater, watercourses and terrestrial and aquatic systems
  • Fisheries assessments, mitigation and compensation plans
  • Species at Risk and Significant Wildlife Habitat screenings
  • Scoped and comprehensive environmental impact assessments
  • Migratory Birds Convention Act compliance assessments
  • Identification and design of natural environment elements that contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Leading and supporting engagement and consultations with various groups
  • Facilitating consultations with agencies and the environmental permitting process
  • Developing and implementing environmental monitoring programs
  • Providing tendering, contract administration and warranty inspection
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