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Sector - Planning Development

Beacon has expertise identifying and addressing constraints and opportunities related to various types and scales of land development. Beacon leads and contributes to teams, providing services in terrestrial and aquatic ecology, geomorphology, landscape architecture, agrology and limnology. The firm regularly provides services related to the natural environment from the initial assessment through the approvals process to design, implementation and monitoring.

Beacon’s team is skilled at navigating the complex policy layers that govern land use change. Beacon’s team is also well-known for guiding solutions to natural environment challenges in order to facilitate the planning application and approvals process. Beacon regularly ensures that recommended environmental management and mitigation measures are designed and implemented as approved.

Environmental planning and assessment services

  • Providing due diligence natural heritage assessments
  • Assessing site conditions and address site-specific challenges related to the natural environment
  • Arboriculture assessments including Tree Inventories and Preservation Plans
  • Assessing groundwater, surface water, terrestrial and aquatic existing conditions
  • Fisheries assessments, mitigation and compensation plans
  • Species at Risk and Significant Wildlife Habitat screenings
  • Undertaking scoped and comprehensive Environmental Impact Studies, Natural Heritage Evaluations and similar
  • Recommending appropriate environmental management and monitoring measures
  • Developing natural environment solutions that contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation

Environmental design, construction and monitoring services 

  • Helping guide clients through the environmental approvals process
  • Providing concepts and detailed designs for habitat protection and creation
  • Recommending and implementing habitat off-setting and compensation
  • Developing concepts and detailed designs for the creation and restoration of wetlands, watercourses using natural channel design principles, meadows and woodlands
  • Engaging and undertaking environmental work with Indigenous communities
  • Facilitating consultations with agencies, stakeholders and the public
  • Implementing comprehensive environmental monitoring programs
  • Completing Migratory Birds Convention Act compliance assessments
  • Undertaking tendering, contract administration and warranty inspections to ensure that designs are installed as approved
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