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Sarah Aitken

Sarah Aitken, B.Sc., Environmental Technician

Aquatic Biologist
T. (519) 826-0419 ext. 31

icon Areas of Expertise:

Aquatic Habitat and Fisheries Assessments ~ Species at Risk Studies ~ Natural Heritage Studies ~ Environmental Assessments ~ Environmental Impact Studies ~ Environmental Monitoring

Sarah has over a decade of experience in the environmental field working on public and private sector projects related to renewable energy, water and waste water infrastructure, transportation and mining. Sarah has been involved in the coordination and implementation of the collection, assessment and reporting of data associated with environmental monitoring programs, fish relocations, environmental impact studies, large-scale dewatering projects, construction monitoring and environmental effects monitoring for mining projects and lake management studies.

Sarah is well-versed in both policy / regulations and field requirements related to aquatic assessment and monitoring. She has a thorough understanding of the techniques and protocols used to evaluate and asses the aquatic environment, as well as aquatic species and their life processes. Her expertise includes the collection and assessment of benthic invertebrates and fish species, water quality monitoring, stream assessments, lake profile sampling and lake sediment sampling, and the installation and management of water quality monitoring equipment. She is also able to guide projects through provincial and federal policies, including the Fisheries Act, Endangered Species Act, and has worked closely with Conservation Authorities to obtain permits under the Development, Interference, and Alterations Regulation. Sarah regularly provides coordination support for mid to large-sized environmental projects, as well as research and reporting support.

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