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Kristi Quinn

Jesse Harnden, B.Sc., ISA Cert. Arborist, Cert. Ecosystem Restoration

Arborist / Botanist
T. (705) 243-7251 ext. 402

icon Areas of Expertise:

Arboriculture ~ Botanical Surveys ~ Ecological Land Classification (ELC) ~Tree Risk Assessment ~ Butternut Health Assessment ~Tree Preservation and Management Plans ~ Peer Review ~ Ecological Restoration  

Jesse has over five years of experience in the environmental field working on a range of private and public sector projects. She is an ISA Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assessor, a certified Butternut Health Assessor (BHA) and is certified in Ecological Land Classification (ELC) for Southern Ontario. She has completed numerous vegetation inventories, for various landscapes across Ontario. She has also prepared a number of restoration plans, environmental management plans, edge management plans, urban planting plans and peer reviews for landscape and ecological planting plans. As an arborist and tree risk assessor, Jesse has completed numerous tree inventories and assessments to identify potential construction impacts and provide mitigation and preservation plans for urban and rural environments across Southern Ontario.  Jesse has provided project support for Municipal Class Environmental Assessments (MCEA) including compiling Conservation Authority permits, completing GIS mapping and public consultation.

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