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Brian Henshaw

Brian E. Henshaw

T. (905) 201-7622 ext. 222

icon Areas of Expertise:

Project Management ~ Natural Heritage Policy Development and Review ~ Natural Heritage Planning ~ Environmental Assessments ~ Environmental Impact Assessment ~ Avian and Herpetofaunal Biology ~ Wetland Evaluation ~ Environmental Management and Monitoring Plans ~ Teaching and Training ~ Peer Review and Expert Witness Testimony

Brian has accrued over 25 years of experience related to the monitoring, inventory, analysis and evaluation of natural systems, with special expertise in wildlife and in wetlands. Areas of expertise include functional habitat analyses, Natural Heritage System design, Environmental Assessments (ecological aspects), Environmental Impact Studies, and development and execution of monitoring protocols. In addition, Brian has extensive experience addressing air traffic hazard and risk assessments related to wildlife, and nuisance wildlife management (gulls, geese and others) studies. He continues to be involved in all aspects of projects from field assessments to the identification of ecological/development constraints and opportunities, and provision of recommendations for mitigative measures such as buffers. Brian was an instructor for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources' Ontario Wetland Evaluation System course for 12 years. He has also assisted in the instruction of the Ecological Land Classification Course, undertaken various peer reviews, and provided expert testimony on several occasions to the Ontario Municipal Board and at Expropriation Hearings.

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